Elektrosmog is a small maze game for the C64. It was created as a study project in 2008/2009 while attending a University of Applied Sciences.

The game itself is quite simple and nothing special really, but it was my first C64 machine language project, and the download also includes the full source code and a PDF with the project's documentation (in German language).

So, if you are interested to learn a little bit about C64 machine language / assembly language coding, this package might be of interest for you. Note that this is not a full tutorial, though, so you might need some more material. But it serves as a nice first read, I guess. Also, the source code is of course not perfect, but it's well-commented and structured, so you should also be able to get something out of it.

The game was created using the ACME assembler, which you can find here.

Download: elektrosmog.rar

Some words about the game:

You are a white alien-like creature inside a maze. Your mission is to find all the diamonds before time runs out.

The status bar below the screen shows the number of diamonds yet to find, and the amount of time still left. Even though the amount of time is really short, it is indeed possible to complete the game. If you know the layout of the maze and the best route of finding all the diamonds, you should be able to master it with 4 units of time left.

Btw, the game is called "Elektrosmog" because in the beginning, I had a totally different idea for the game. Then I realized I won't be able to complete what I had in mind in time (maybe that's the reason why I'm now teasing you, the player, with a similar time pressure, hehe), so I went for a simple maze game instead.

Here's an early screenshot during development and testing: click here
Here's an early photo of the game running on a real C64: click here

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